Divorce Recovery

a seminar for divorced and separated persons of all ages

Upcoming Dates:
March 7, 2019 - April 11, 2019  |  7:30 - 9:30 p.m.


600 St. Andrews Road
Newport Beach, CA 92663



Growing Through Divorce

Last year approximately 25,000 people in Orange County experienced the dissolution of their marriage. The failure rate for first marriages continues to be about 50%, while 65% of second marriages end in divorce. Thousands of people in our community have been deeply affected by the tragedy of divorce.

Jim Smoke, whose book we will be using in the Workshop, has said, “You can go through a divorce or you can grow through it.” No matter how close or distant the divorce experience is for you, you’ll find both the lecture topics as well as the support and understanding of others dealing with similar issues to be tremendously helpful in making one of life’s most difficult adjustments. These sessions are designed for those who are dealing with the finality of a terminated marriage, rather than the possibility of reconciliation.

Dr. John Fry, Workshop Speaker

Dr. John Fry has attended St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church for almost 30 years and has served as an elder. He is a psychologist who's been in private practice in Orange County for over 30 years. He works with men, women, teenagers, children, singles and married couples. He has given over 400 seminars on stress management to, among others, IBM, NBC, Farmers Insurance, the US Navy, the Los Angeles Times, and the faculties of Fuller Theological Seminary.

John attended the workshop, created by Dr. Bill Flanagan, for himself while going through a divorce in 1987. Afterwards, he volunteered as a small group facilitator for the next 14 workshops. In September of 2009, John assumed the role of speaker of the Divorce Recovery Workshop. John integrates information from psychological research, his own experience of divorce, and the experiences of working with scores of people in his private practice who are attempting to heal and grow through their own divorces.

The 6 Week Process


Is This Really Happening
To Me?

The Three Stages of the
Divorce Experience


Assuming New Responsibilities

Planning for Yourself and Your Future


Coping with Your Ex-spouse

A relational Reality that Continues to Exist


For parents of dependent children:

Helping Your Child Through Your Divorce

For Non-Parents:

Coping Skills for the Stress of Divorce


Finding and Experiencing Forgiveness

Overcoming Hate and Hurt


Thinking About New Relationships

Relating, Dating, and New Connections


Cost for First-Time Participants

$40 | Pre-registration received before the Workshop
$50 | Registration at the door

Fee includes Jim Smoke's book, Growing Through Divorce, and a meal on night 6 to all attendees and their children and teens.

Cost for Returning Partcipants

$25 | Pre-registration received before the Workshop
$30 | Registration at the door
No book included


FREE childcare for infants through sixth graders is available each evening of the Workshop. 
Please call 949.610.1701 to make childcare reservations.


Questions? Email Casey Luck, caseyl@sapres.org.

New Directions

November 1- 15th 

A three-week series of independent seminars focused on moving forward after life-changing events or circumstances. Geared to be for singles of all ages. $5 suggested donation.

November 1  |  "The Best of Dating 101" by Chrissy Follis, LMFT

Are you nervous about navigating the dating scene? Are you wanting to try Internet dating but the idea of setting up your online profile leaves you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel discouraged about your relationship future? We will be answering all of these questions and more as we discuss ways to be emotionally ready to date, give you tools to feel confident dating, as well as some practical ways to write profiles in a way to attract quality people.

November 8  |  Mike Marino PhD - "What Do I Do Now?"

In this presentation, Dr. Marino walks attendees through six positive action steps to help them move toward healthy, well-balanced and fulfilling life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   November 15  |  Megan M. Stirrat "For The Love of Money"

Suddenly single? Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Management Advisor, Megan Stirrat, specializes in helping people address their changing and complex financial picture as they go through significant life transitions. Megan has specialized training in the financial issues of divorce through the “Institute for Divorce of Financial Analysts”. She is also a member of the Family Law Section of the Orange County Bar Association, although she does not provide legal advice. Topics will include: What now? How much can 1 afford to live on? Can I afford to keep my house? Do I need to go back to work? How should I invest my portion of the divorce settlement? How long will my money last?

Questions? Email Casey Luck at caseyl@sapres.org.