Life Groups

Life Groups

Life is meant to be lived in community. We strive for church to be more than a place where we gather to hear a great message and stirring music.  St. Andrew’s is a community, an adopted family.  It’s easy to get lost in the crowd on Sunday morning, so Life Groups are places where you can know others and be known by them.  The real you, without pretense or disguise.

Joining a Life Group at St. Andrew's


Start by filling out this Life Group Interest Form to give us an idea of what type of community you're looking for. After it has been submitted, our Life Group Coordinator, Karli Berkompas, will give you a call, get to know you a bit, and go from there!


There are a number of Life Groups at St. Andrew’s already formed, but we also encourage you to consider if there is anyone who you’d like to be in a Life Group with, and start one!  Gather some friends and let us know, we’d love to walk alongside and equip you as your group gets started!


Life Groups also form from our membership process. If you are not a member, are you interested in being placed in a Life Group through our membership process? Contact Karli Berkompas for more info at


We also have other smaller communities at St. Andrews. Consider joining a Life Study class, another great chance to get to know others in a small group setting: Our Tuesday Morning Men’s Study, Our Tuesday Women's Chronological Study, Our Thursday Morning/Evening Women's Life Studies

Have Questions?

For more information contact our life group coordinator, Karli Berkompas
or call 949.574.2262.