A different learning experience.

LABS – or “Life and Bible Studies” – are designed to be experiential learning opportunities, driven by questions and fueled creative leadership. LABS are different from the “classes” you may have taken in the past because your questions and comments (not a teacher’s answers) drive the experience. 

Your LABS leaders are knowledgeable in their fields, engaging in their approach, and committed to helping you. No matter what level of Bible knowledge or experience in Christian living you have, LABS can help you live a faithful, abundant, life. Each 5-week LABS session offers a variety of experiences from which to choose. Our goal is to make the offerings so attractive that you have trouble choosing which Lab to take!

Contact Karli Berkompas for more info, karlib@sapres.org or 949.574.2262.

Current Offerings | January 16 - February 13, 2019


Life of the Beloved
Led by Chap Clark
Location: Dierenfield Hall
Corresponding with our sermon series on Henri Nouwen’s Life of the Beloved, we will be exploring with Chap Clark what it means to hear God’s voice and live as his beloved child in a secular world. The most important spiritual journey of our lives involves claiming the truth that we are loved by God and living into that truth. As Christians, “we are called to become bread for the world: bread that is taken, blessed, broken, and given.”  

You’re Wrong, and my Bible Says So?!
A Bible Study led by Bryan & Timberly Eckelmann
Location: B014 (Gibson room)
Good and faithful Christians disagree on more than a few issues. On topics like baptism, spiritual gifts, sexuality, predestination, politics - how do Bible-reading followers of Jesus have such diverse views? And how can we deal with controversy in ways that honor Christ and even unite them with one another? Every Wednesday, Bryan and Timberly Eckelmann will argue with each other, each taking a side on one of these controversial issues and using the Bible to defend that position. Then as a group we will discuss the issue, especially noticing both how much unites us and how to disagree without being disagreeable.

Parenting with Love and Logic 
Led by: Janice Zorn
Location: Grace Chapel
We will be using Love and Logic to explore parenting techniques that will help you raise responsible, respectful and faith-filled kids. Is it possible to enjoy your children even when they are throwing a tantrum in the middle of Target? Having a successful child is nice, but having a loving and kind one is even better – and helping that child grow into a kind and faith-filled adult is great beyond imagination! Using a mix of video, discussion and dialogue and focusing on children eight years old and younger, parenting expert Janice Zorn offers techniques that are simple and easy, teach responsibility and character, have immediate and positive affects, and lower you stress level.

Other Wednesday night options:

“Deeper” Women’s Bible Study on the book of Hebrews
Led by: Women’s ministry leaders
Please join us this fall as we dive deeply into the book of Hebrews - our evening Women’s Bible Study taking place during LABS. Whatever you are considering as the focus of life, Jesus is the only one who can satisfy! The Book of Hebrews unveils Jesus as is the perfect revelation of God, the final and complete sacrifice for sin, the compassionate and understanding mediator, and the bridge to eternal life. Diving into Hebrews will help us live the life we were meant to live! Come after work!