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Year-End Financial Update 2018

January 3, 2019 3 Comments Share

It gives me great joy to announce that our congregation was moved by the Lord to graciously provide his tithe and your offerings to support our yearly ministry and mission goals. As of today, we are roughly $200,000 over our revised operating goal for 2018.

Our journey together over these past 12 months has been one of deepening relationships – with Christ, one another, and those we have been called to serve here, near, and far. Throughout this time, we actively sought the Lord’s leadership and guidance, seeking him with who we are, discerning where he is taking us, and responding to his grace with generosity and faithfulness.

As we enter into this new year, we assume a posture of continued trust in and love for Jesus Christ as a community of people endeavoring to be the kind of neighborhood church that God can transform into his image – being used by the Spirit to bring hope, faith, and love to a world so desperate for his kingdom.

Thank you for being on this journey with us. Dee and I are grateful to sail with you into 2019!

Chap Clark, Pastor

3 responses to “Year-End Financial Update 2018”

  1. Tom and Jean Naughton says:

    Happy New Year to both of you and Love, xxx’s and ooo’s,
    Tom and Jean Naughton

  2. Ruth Lampe says:

    With our giving, in whatever way we each could, it is in response to how much we love Our Lord and Savior and committing our whole selves to Him.
    I know you feel it Chap. Your sharing our sweet Jesus with us has taught us to ‘keep our eyes on Jesus’ – and Trust Him and lean not on our own understanding. And your sharing ‘the thirteenth month giving’.
    What a joy to love the Lord so much. We are all blessed – and more than overjoyed that we more than hit the mark this blessed season of Christ’s birth – that was our gold, Incense and myrrh.

  3. Rose Ohr says:

    Well said, Ruth.

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