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Vietnam Update

June 29, 2011 0 Share

Our team traveled just over 4 hours from Ho Chi Minh City to Tra Vihn, about an hour from the Cambodian border. We were able to assemble and distribute 70 wheelchairs to many elderly affected by the Vietnam War. They were overjoyed that we had made the journey because they appear to be so far off of people’s radar. This was the first time chairs had been distributed in this area! Recipients were either carried in or crawled to be placed in their new chair. It was incredibly humbling to see how much effort they had to put in just to get themselves there. One man that received a chair has been crippled for 47 years, and spent his life on the ground taking care of chickens. Through a translator, he told us how grateful he was to be off the ground and able to be clean for the first time in his life. We were able to pray for him as well as many others because our team has become much more efficient in assembling chairs. This allows for more ministry time to pray for and over the recipients. We will be back in this community tomorrow to distribute more chairs.



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