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Update from Romania

August 17, 2008 0 Share

Worship this morning at another Gyspy community (Pastor Forin and his congregation support 5 such villages and have built new churches in two of these (Archita is #3) – it was a beautiful worship service with Rev. Paul Muresan preaching mainly to the youth on Daniel 1 and Micah 6:8 with personal stories from his own experiences as a youth. The youth choir provided music and many of the Gypsies from Archita also came by train to join in worship.

This evening we worship at Pastor Florin’s church and continued our praise and thanksgiving as well as challenge to the youth as Rev. Paul, Pastor Florin and a newly ordained (and very impressive) young man named Daniel shared the sermon on the Prodigal Son with each on taking it from a different perspective (Paul preached from the perspective of the older brother in first person). During the service Pastor Florin had Trevecca share with the congregation about our St. Andrew’s children and their challenge to raise money in their offerings for the wells in Archita – then he presented her with a Romanian flag to bring back to our children.

Tomorrow we do a mini-VBS back in Archita – what fun that will be! The youth from the conference will be there to lead games with the children and Diane Johansen will lead music. Then tomorrow evening ends the youth conference – thank you all for your prayers!

Trevecca, Paul, Diane, Bethany, Tasha, Ed and Andrews (our small but mighty team! – however we REALLY miss the rest of our team!)

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