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Update from Kenya

July 29, 2008 13 Comments Share

Today was our last day of serving the children at the orphanage. We have been digging, painting, playing games, singing, teaching and building relationships. It has been quite a stay here in Nyeri.

This morning we went to a local tea factory which is their major export here in Kenya. They asked Jim to bless the factory after we had tea with them, which was really neat.

On our way back to the orphanage we stopped at a different branch of the ministry we are working with – the Huruma Home. This is a home for the children in Nyeri with disibilities. It hit the team really hard and forced us to look for the joy in a hard situation. The home has had an incredible journey as the church saved it after it had been shut down 4 times by different organizations and neglected for 3 years, leaving the children to starve. They are now under the care of the church, have beds to sleep in and receive three meals a day. After debriefing tonight, we were able to see how far they’ve come and how much love and hope fills the rooms. The women working there show true servants’ hearts. Brittany and Daniel decided to respond by bringing awareness and financial fundraising to Found, the fifth and sixth grade group at St. Andrew’s. Please pray for us as we continue to process all that we experienced and felt.

Games, lessons and crafts went really well once we got back to the orphanage. The kids have really latched onto our team, tomorrow will be difficult as we say farewell.

We will continue to debrief as we prepare to head home. We have much to be thankful for.

I’m off to pack.

Amanda and the team

13 responses to “Update from Kenya”

  1. Kyle Goodman says:

    You have all been amazing and I know you all probably love the people and the country but all your families and friends cant wait to see you. Megan, I hope you are feeling better, i will be praying that your trip home is safe…dont forget to bring me home a baby animal (real and alive)
    Love you lots,
    P.S. rice sounds really good to me right now

  2. stella and doug says:

    dear danny : yes we miss u, but we are glad for all of u for this time that u have been sharing with all those childen, we can’t way to see u. we’ll be praying for u. oxoxoxoxo we loveyou, mom and dad

  3. Yes much to be thankful for!

  4. Molly Weedn says:

    Hi Erica-

    I’m at dad’s and we just got your postcard. I will make sure mom gets the other one. You and all of your friends are amazing and I’m so excited to tell people in my life about what you are doing- basically, you’re pretty cool. Can’t wait to see you on Friday- safe travels to you and your team.

    Lots of love,

  5. When you have a chance (likely when you return home) please get me information on where to send support for the Huruma Home. You can get the info to me through Caitlyn.


  6. katie, we love how you’re all looking for the joy in all that you’re seeing. i pray that the “debriefing” goes well. none of you would have made this trip had you not had enormous hearts, ready for enormous love. so i know saying goodbye will be so hard. and while not everyone can say “goodbye, and i’ll see you again” there’s no question that every one of you will exponentially increase awareness about the needs of every single child you’ve met, and these children will always remember the team for your love. God is working in and through you. we can’t wait until friday. love you. mom, dad, kell and murph

  7. WOW! it’s going to be tough to say goodbye but know that the love and hard work you brought to everyone you met will be remembered and will fill your hearts forever. Melissa, we can’t wait to see your face! Jake was over today and we went to Pipes for breakfast. Dad has cleaned your car to a “T” and Julie has put back all the clothes she borrowed while you were gone. i cant’ wait to hold you! Love, Mom ps: Thank you for the post card! Safe travels back home to all of you! Peace

  8. Mike Brown says:

    Hi Team!

    We’re all looking forward to your safe return, and to hear from you in person. You’re living an experience that will change how you view the world from now on. You will bring so many incredible stories with you and I am excited to hear them!

    Travel mercies to you all, enjoy your last day with the children. I know that it will be very difficult to say goodbye, but you’ve had the wonderful opportunity of say “Hello.”

    See you soon ~ and rest when you can. Love, “Mike” 🙂

  9. Aunt Sandra says:

    Hello dear Dorian,
    I am sure it will be hard to leave your new found reality there in Kenya. There is so much work to be done, and so little time. But we put it in God’s hands and keep them in your prayers. I am sure you have all made a lasting impact – that others care about them and that there are people willing to work hard for them. Just that knowledge of love and care can change lives. We love and care for you and look forward to seeing you soon and learning from you.

  10. Vicki Allee says:

    Hey Team,
    As hard as the experience was at the home for disabled….it is those experiences that stick with you and forever fuel your mercy and compassion for those God loves. You literally had your hearts broken by the things that break the heart of God, and He will use that in and through you. I had a similar experience in the garbage city in Cairo…so hard initially…but more grateful for that one experience than any other I’ve had.

    Rest now….have some fun. Enjoy! Can’t wait to see you!!!!
    Love Vicki

  11. gene says:

    ditto, ditto, ditto…
    Have a safe return.
    See you on Friday,
    Shannon’s mom


    HURRY HOME !!!



    YOUR G & G

  13. Grandma Joanne Allee/Celum says:

    Dear David and Megan,
    Your Mom expressed our feelings so well. We pray for safe travel homeward. This has been an awesome opportunity for you, and we do appreciate being able to see pics and read about your experiences.
    You are loved!
    Grandma and Bob

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