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Upcoming Sermon Series | Neighborhood Church

June 11, 2019 0 Share


Here at St. Andrew’s, we are a Neighborhood Church with Global Impact, and in this summer’s sermon series, we will explore together what it means to be a Neighborhood Church.

Every church has a location, and our location is the starting point as we begin to walk in step with God’s purposes in the world. Jesus himself affirms that there are two great commandments: to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves. As a community of followers, God is calling us into the world of our neighbors.

As a neighborhood church:

            +   We come together to worship and express our gratitude to God
for his love and mercy.

            +   We seek to meet the needs of each member of our local
household of faith, and

            +   We spill our love for God and one another into those
neighbors – near and far – that he leads us toward as we
represent him.

As a neighborhood church, each one of us is called to care for, and to be cared for by, our community.

But, who is our neighbor? Our neighbor is anyone that God puts in front of us. Our neighbor is not only the person who lives next to us but also the one who pours our coffee, mows our lawns, bags our groceries – It’s the child we see walking to school and the crossing guard that makes sure that they’re safe on the way. Wherever we live, work, study or play, our neighbors are all around us.

St. Andrew’s is a neighborhood church seeking to honor God and love our neighbors in the space where we’ve been planted.

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