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Upcoming Sermon Series | Cut the Lines

August 28, 2018 0 Share


September 8/9 – October 6/7

As we head into the fall, the Good Ship St. Andrew’s will “cut the lines” and head out into the deep waters of following Jesus Christ as he leads us. Our metaphor is more than a catchphrase; it represents who we are: a community of men and women, boys and girls from all walks of life who have been gathered to “Follow Jesus Christ together to lead lives that reveal God’s goodness.”

As we head into the uncharted waters of our faith, our first order of business is to come together and explore what it means to live as disciples (“learners”) of Jesus Christ, who is the One leading the ship. We call this Branches – our commitment to dive headfirst into this question as a community. Following that, we will get at the task of engaging our neighbors and the world as Jesus leads and calls us. These are exciting days for those who call St. Andrew’s home. We all pray that each one who is a part of this family finds a new place to serve, a new people to know, and a fresh understanding of the Lord who calls us all.

We hope to see you there! Visit www.sapres.org/media for more info.

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