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Upcoming Guest Speakers | Gino Grunberg and Rick Enloe

August 22, 2018 0 Share


August 25/26

We hope to see you this weekend as we welcome special guest speakers, Gino Grunberg and Rick Enloe! Together, they will be preaching on Mark 10; focusing on the commission that Jesus gave his followers to express a mission of engagement out of community.

Gino Grunberg is a resident of Gig Harbor, Washington with his wife of 41 years, Mardel. Together, they have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Gino has been the Founder and Co-Leader of Harbor Christian Center (HCC) for almost 25 years, claiming the motto is “No Church Experience Required.” He is committed to helping people realize they matter to God.

Rick Enloe lives in Gig Harbor, Washington. He is a consultant, communicator, broadcaster, and pastor, as well as the President and Founder of Enreach Associates, an organization dedicated to communicating insight and inspiration. Rick wears corrective lenses and strives to look at life through glasses half full. He has a B.A. degree from Northwest University in Biblical Literature and an M.A. from the University of Washington in Interdisciplinary Studies.

To watch past sermons in our current series, visit www.sapres.org/media.

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