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The Kenya Team is Home

February 7, 2014 0 Share

The team is home safe.  Our bodies are tired but our hearts are filled with great memories and new inspirations.

We are convinced (and grateful) that God has directed our church to develop a long term relationship with the right community in Kenya through Pastor Joel Amonde.

These are brothers and sisters in the Lord who display stunning hospitality and generosity in the midst of indescribable hardship.  The faith and resilience that we witnessed was a perpetual encouragement and, at times, an indictment on how we have so much to learn in the way of key indicators of spiritual fruitfulness; some of those being: joy, patience, gentleness, and faithfulness.

Whether it was hearing heartfelt stories from pastors who ride their bikes miles and miles to encourage their communities of faith, or teachers who diligently volunteer their time to teach the marginalized children in their neighborhoods, or learning of an oldest sibling with no parents who has to care for her humble home and younger brothers and sisters, we discovered how strong and well rooted the gospel is in this area of the world and how courageously our friends there follow hard after Jesus.

Our team was truly blessed to share the experiences we did with our precious extended family in Migori, Agongo, and Naroibi.  We will, no doubt, be excited to recount many of these stories with the congregation of St. Andrew’s, our own neighbors, and friends at work.


Two beautiful children outside one of the homes we visited in the village.


We were greeted by these kids every day we drove into Agongo.  They were singing praise songs while they ushered us into their community.


Pastor Joel and a few of his leaders sitting on the pews under a tree where the Masai tribe hold worship services…a sanctuary we can only dream about!

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