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Spiritual Discipline Thursdays with Refuge

July 18, 2013 0 Share

For the past two weeks the high school students that are connected to Refuge (St. Andrew’s high school ministry) have participated in spiritual disciplines and practices Thursday mornings.  This was initiated after our recent trip that we took to Supai.  We practiced the disciplines of silence, solitude and prayer while there.  Students said that they experience God more so on trips like these away from Orange county because there are less distractions.  God laid it on our hearts to create a space for them here at home where they could continue to practice silence, solitude, prayer and other various disciplines.  Our hope is that students will not only connect with God and others, but also experience St. Andrew’s Mission Measures which are: unstoppable faith; unexpected grace; unfailing love; unfathomable peace; unrestrained generosity; uncommon friendship; and unquenchable joy. After the morning’s devotional time, students mentioned they experienced peace and that God had spoken to them in various ways.  It has been a blessed time!!

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