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Singing Praises All Together

March 26, 2013 2 Comments Share

All generations sang praises together during the Palm Sunday worship services. Check out a few highlights:


The Children’s Choirs sang praises loud for everyone to hear!


Students took turns reading the scripture at each worship service.


Rich Kannwischer dug deep into 1 Corinthians 13.


Click Here to listen to Rich’s sermon, entitled “FaceTime”

Join us as the rest of Holy Week continues. Click Here for more details.

2 responses to “Singing Praises All Together”

  1. Pam Lafferman says:

    I am so grateful to be a member of St. Andrew Church. On Saturday night, Rich’s closing prayer, for the unsaved, was such a blessing! I truly felt the Holy Spirit & The Lord saying, “Well Done”.

    It seems so important to invite the unsaved to salvation in these end times. We as a church really need to remember that. When the unsaved are invited to salvation, they tend to continue to come back to the place that they were saved & through God’s will, our congregation continues to grow.
    Praise & Glory to Him!

  2. Vinnie Sollars says:

    I’m a member of St. Andrews. I just loved the little kids and the teens were incorporated into the 9:30 sunday morning service. Palm Sunday is one of my favorite services the music was on point as well as the responsive reading and I can’t forget the Message!! Looking forward to Thursday service..

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