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Sermon Series Video

February 17, 2015 2 Comments Share

Watch this week’s video from the Do What You Are sermon series!

2 responses to “Sermon Series Video”

  1. Gwen Reinauer says:

    Fred you are a true inspiration to all of us! Serving the kingdom of God with your gifts and talents is such a blessing to us all! Thanks for all you do to help so many people. It is a joy to serve Christ alongside you!

    Thank you my brother!

  2. MaryJane Tyler says:

    Bless you for serving your brothers and sisters at St. Andrews, Fred! You inspire me!

    As do you, Gwen… Your dedication and faithfulness… and warm and beautiful smiles are a joy to behold!

    Hugs and love [and back to homework!], MaryJane-

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