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Royal Family Kids Camp Update 2

July 20, 2011 0 Share

Yesterday was absolutely amazing!! God is breaking down walls and uniting the children like a “Royal Family”. Smiles abound, joy is flowing like a mighty river, and kids are realizing the God of the universe loves them.

Yesterday’s activities were a lot like Monday. My campers made a  treasure chest and a wooden snake at the woodworking station. They tried archery for the first time, hiked to the top of the closest hill, and visited our camp’s grandpa & grandma for milk and cookies.

Two things set yesterday apart: all camp night swim & star gazing. One hour of 100 children in a pool should be considered one of the seven wonders of the world. A generous member of St Andrew’s showed up with the biggest telescope I’ve ever seen. The kids didn’t see any Martians, but they saw the rings of Saturn and 4 of it’s 62 orbiting moons. We stand in awe of an enormous God!

Prayer: staff is running a little ragged, we need rest & peace that passes understanding. The kids continue to open up and experience the love of Christ.

Jason Warren Griffice
Director of Community Outreach

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