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Rev. Dr. Charles H. Dierenfield Memorial

June 15, 2016 9 Comments Share

Dierenfield_blogWe are saddened to inform you that one of our beloved former leaders of St. Andrew’s, Rev. Dr. Charles H. Dierenfield, has passed away on June 13.

His memorial will be held on Monday, June 27 at 3:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary with a brief reception to follow in Dierenfield Hall.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to:
Save the Children
899 North Capitol Street
Suite 900
Washington D.C. 20002

Click Here for more information.

9 responses to “Rev. Dr. Charles H. Dierenfield Memorial”

  1. Duncan and Emily McColl says:

    We give thanks for the life and ministry of Charles and Rachel, who knew and encouraged us as we started our family journey together! They encouraged and challenged us, and became role models in the walk of faith. Hugs to all the family, in the grip of Christ!

  2. Jean Stewart says:

    Proud to have met him. God speed.

  3. Linda Thompson Lynn says:

    I’m so very saddened to hear the news of Dr Dierenfield’s passing. He was such a wonderful friend and advisor to me in my younger days. I had the pleasure of being his secretary/assistant on Sundays for many years. And, continued in that job during the transition after Charles took the position in Rancho Santa Fe. I loved seeing him when he made his occasional visits to St Andrew’s. I’m sure his Rachel is greeting him in Heaven.

  4. JAN LANDSTROM says:

    My heartfelt sympathy goes to the family and many friends who are today saddened by Dr. Dierenfield’s passing. He is now with Jesus. Can’t you imagine the celebration in Heaven!
    I had the great privilege to teach the childrens choirs during some of his time at St.Andrews and also sing under Jonah Kliewer’s direction as music minister. Such wonderful memories of those days/years.

  5. Wayne and Dottie Yates says:

    Dr. Dierenfield was the most helpful, inspirational person in our lives when he was pastor at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church. We will always be thankful for his ministry.

  6. Paul Mauney Ruddock says:

    Way back in the mid-Sixties I was a local surf prom whose parents managed to pull out of the ocean long enough to attend Dr. Dierenfield’s sermons at Saint Andrews. In early May 2016 I completed MDiv leveling through Knox Theological Seminary graduating magna cum laude. In a just a couple months in begin my DMin in Semiotics and Future Studies through George Fox Seminary. Dr. Dierenfield directly influenced my choice to follow the Lord’s calling into Christian ministry.

  7. Dave and Marcia Maze says:

    It is with sadness that Marcia and I hear of the passing of Dr. Dierenfield for it was 47 yrs. ago that we first met him. We were married in the old Sanctuary by him and we shall never forget his advice as we started our journey together.
    God speed Charles…

  8. Charles Dierenfield was the reason I became active I at St Andrew’s both in choir and as a Circle leader & Deacon in 1973 He was a gifted preacher and could cleverly use unfamiliar words in such a way that you understood their meaning. His message was concise and always left the listener with positive thoughts for dealing with life’s challenges with God’s guidance.He called us Saints. After he retired he would lead Church groups on tours & cruises. As an Inflight Purser I had the pleasure of having Charles & Rachel on a charter flight after a cruise . She was very ill at the time and My crew was so impressed with the loving care he exhibited as he tended to her needs They saw the spirit of God in both of them. . He never grew old reinventing his life as the years went by . He will be missed

  9. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I attended the catechetical program at the Village Church in Rancho Santa Fe while I was in middle school, and Dr. Dierenfield baptized me as part of that. I was seeking information about his whereabouts now when I came across this announcement regarding his death. I am a Catholic now, but was not re-baptized, since Catholics recognize Protestant baptisms. So I cherish the memory of him baptizing me, and the good things I learned from that time at the Village Church. May the Lord’s light shine upon him, and may he rest in peace.

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