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Photo Updates from Kenya

July 30, 2008 5 Comments Share

Hello everyone,

Below are the latest photos from our Kenya mission team. Enjoy!

Building bunk beds in Narok
Building bunk beds in Narok

After our church service in Narok with the elders of the church
After our church service in Narok with the elders of the church

Sharing drinks with the boys at Taraja
Sharing drinks with the boys at Taraja

5 responses to “Photo Updates from Kenya”

  1. Jessica Ludwig says:

    I am filled with joy just looking at these pictures. I am proud of you guys!!!! Wish I could be there to share in all of it. Can’t wait to see you all on Friday.

  2. hi katie! you all look so happy, and not tired! what gives? we can’t wait to see you on friday, and hopefully, the whole group and their families on monday evening at 7:00 at our house for a little reunion and El Ranchito party platters. figured you haven’t had much mexican.;) we’re praying for your safe return, and that parting with your precious new friends isn’t too, too hard. love you. mom, dad, kelly and murphy.

  3. Great photos I am guessing they are just a few snapshots of the many significant people and meaningful times you encountered on your journey these short few weeks. We look forward to hearing about and seeing more of your travels when you return.

    Hey Caityln are you planning to go to Katie’s house monday for a little Reunion? Let me know I may have to try and arrange my schedule so I can drive down from Mammoth so I can meet the folks on the team and hear more about your time in Kenya. I want you to know El Ranchito has absolutely nothing to do with this idea of trying to make a speed trip south.


  4. Beven & Betsey Grams says:

    Hey Brittany,
    Love the new pictures. The Whole Kenya team looks on top of the world.
    We are looking forward to your safe return on friday.
    travel safe and God speed.


    Mom, Dad and Brandin

  5. Susan (Emerson) Pizarek says:

    Boy, all of you look so good…a wonderful sight! By now you are probably on one leg or the other of your long trek home. We are wishing you safe travel and happy trails.

    Jess, people are calling and wanting to grab time with you before you go back on Tuesday. I just tell them that you will have to be in charge of your dance card, but I’ll log requests. I did schedule time with Tom on Saturday afternoon, but I can take that if you don’t want it. Dad put something together Sunday late afternoon to accomodate some of the hords of your fans. Tim said he thought you should wait for the thankyou party till Thanksgiving or Christmas break, because you will be here such a short time – you should do it when you can plan it and enjoy it. And he’s an expert on mission in my book.

    I love the idea of Monday nite – thank you so much for the generous hosting, Carolyn and Gary!! Let us know what we can do to help or contribute – 949-922-5534.

    Well, hope all of you are well and can travel comfortably. Hope you can sleep on the long legs of the trip. You need time to recoup, digest your experiences, and begin the big cultural readjustment. We love you, and are praying for your safe journey home. Jess, like a rock.

    Love, Mom and Dad

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