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Personal Reflections on Tecate Mission Trip

May 24, 2012 2 Comments Share

It has been a dream of mine for our family to serve in Tecate since my youngest graduated from diapers. For whatever the reasons, our plans had been thwarted for almost seven years. But finally, this May, we embarked on our first family mission trip. And so the Somers set forth to bless others in Tecate. Being of the “Type A” personality, I was expecting a “play by play” or list of the things we would accomplish. By God’s humor, He sent all of us in different directions without a clear plan. My husband and son were to help construct one of the two homes; my daughter was to play with the orphans and participate in VBS; and I would pack lunches for the workers off-site and help prep the meal at the orphanage. Coming together at the end of each day, we were able to recount events that had been Spirit led. We were able to describe the physical strength that was given to be able to finish construction. God provided “bridges” in the form of smiles or hugs where there was a language barrier. Cuts, scrapes, bruises, blisters, bites and allergies were forgotten. The laughter that replenished these orphaned children filled us with joy. The simple ability to step back and process our gratitude allowed us to decide how we want to go forward as a family. How can we serve Him everyday? God carried us through this mission. And as we set out to bless others, little did we know that we were truly the recipients of His blessing. 

– Michelle Somers

2 responses to “Personal Reflections on Tecate Mission Trip”

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  2. barbara carr freeman says:

    O what a blessing it is to see and read about these dear extensions-of-our-hands sharing God’s love for us! Thank you , dear young people, for going and doing with such pure hearts! May the Lord reward you in his inimitable and intimate way!

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