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Mr. Kannwischer Can

September 13, 2011 8 Comments Share

Richard Kannwischer is a great speaker, but did you know he’s a great singer as well? Watch the video below, featuring the all-new single from St. Andrew’s, “Mr. Kannwischer Can.” Using audio from one of Richard Kannwischer’s sermons, Steve Wilmot used auto-tuning technology and matched Rich’s voice with the music! What a great job!

8 responses to “Mr. Kannwischer Can”

  1. James Carter says:

    Laughing out loud – I’m at work listening to this and my co-workers are staring at me.

  2. Greg Brown says:

    Great job Steve Wilmot. Somehow I don’t think this is the last of this.

  3. Phyllis Smith says:

    Please tell me if Rich is joining the choir????? Is there a dance that goes along with the song; if so, I’d love to see it!! 🙂 Go RICH

  4. Ruth L. Grant says:

    Had much the same several years ago regarding a person stating they were from my credit card company (not giving any name of the credit card co.) but asking if I had okayed a purchase of some fishing equipment. Of course they wanted my acct. # to confirm they were talking to the right person, and I refused to give it to them, told them I would have to locate my card, then went back on the line said I couldn’t find it ….and asked for a name and telephone # to call them back…..and of course it was bogus. So I called the credit card company and alerted them and for 6 months they kept a watch on purchases over $50.00 and called if there was one, fortunately no more attempts to use my card. I called the Costa Mesa Police Dept. following alerting the credit card co and asked if there was anything else I should do. And they agreed that I had handled the situation correctly. Never heard back from the “try to be” robbers and all was calm. But, I watch my statement carefully every month for problems. So far none and as I say that was about 4 years ago. Makes you very anxious when you use the card or there are inquiries over the phone. Hope you are as fortunate as I was.
    Ruth L. Grant, from San Bruno, CA. (just below SF on the Peninsula.

  5. Allison Wood says:

    Fantastic!!!!! CREATIVE!!!! Loved it!!!!

  6. j haskell says:


  7. Brynn Kelly says:

    Too funny! From across the room, my 24 year old son yelled, “What are you listening to?” Well, we watched it together and his response … “Wow . . . Crazy!!! Steve Wilmot this was creative, ingenious, and hilarious! Rich not only has a great sense of humor but he’s a good sport too. Loved it!!!

  8. Diane Lawson says:

    No one will, for certain, forget Mr. Kannwischer’s name after listening to this clever ditty. I also think he would be a GREAT add to our Sanctuary Choir. Loved it! Thanks for sharing!

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