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MIKA Surf Club

September 16, 2014 1 Comment Share

A big thanks to all the St. Andrew’s volunteers who made the 10th year of the MIKA Surf Club a big success! Thank you for taking your Saturday morning to bless others by teaching kids to surf and sharing the word of God. Ministries like the Surf Club foster relationships and build important bridges across social, racial and economic lines. Through relationship, we are able to see the reflection of God in people who may appear different from us at first. We invite all our volunteers to stay connected with their friends from Mika and even consider engaging in a mentoring relationship. For more information on mentoring, contact mika@sapres.org.

One response to “MIKA Surf Club”

  1. Sue Reese says:

    Hi, are you still doing the surf camps for any other days this summer?

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