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Mid-Year Update

September 21, 2012 0 Share

Dear St. Andrew’s,
The leadership of our church would like to provide you a mid-year update of our ministry and financial resources. We entered this year with the theme “a Bible in Every Hand and God’s Story in Every Heart”. So far, we have accomplished the following in support of our theme:

1500+ Bibles were either given to those in need or purchased for study.

1300+ shared that they completed The Story by the end of the summer.

The 5th/6th grade The Port group doubled their attendance this fall.

Nearly 200 people have attended the New Member’s Classes.

We have been a leadership community committed to discerning how to best steward our resources in support of our four-part strategy (worship, prepare, serve and lead). The following staffing chart illustrates the latest staffing structure update. The current organizational structure is flatter with more emphasis on front line ministry; this structure enables us to take bigger steps in becoming a more missional Church to our surrounding community.     
The St. Andrew’s community of faith is called upon to serve, lead and fund our Kingdom work. Even though we are tracking our current year-to-date income projections, we will call upon this Church, (as we have always done) to step up and out in faith in order to finish another strong year of ministry. Specifically, in the next 4 months, it is our goal to receive $3,150,000.  That is 47% of our total yearly budget ($6.75M) in 4 months.
Thank you for your commitment to this Community of Followers of Jesus Christ to serve our surrounding community. The attached financial reports are prepared so you are fully informed on your leadership’s allocation of resources in support of St. Andrew’s mission and strategy.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Mike Lewis (Treasurer) directly.
Serving together,

Shawn Reilly
Minister, Executive Director

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