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Mendenhall Mississippi Team Update

June 30, 2011 0 Share

Here we are on our last work day…who would’ve ever thought it would approach so fast? After countless hours of work and preparation for our mission trip, it’s time for it to come to an end. Vacation Bible School began with a rough start, but soon after praying together as a team, God came through. The crew ended up having a blast with the children and we were strengthened in our faith simultaneously. Vacation Bible School wrapped up with the theme “Jesus calms the storms” which fit perfectly with the stormy weather we were blessed with last night! After learning about Noah and Jonah, the kids were encouraged to remember that no matter how strong the storm may be, Jesus’ love casts out all fear. Today, the kids wandered around the community on a “Mendenhall scavenger hunt” and were rewarded with frozen Kool-Aid icees from the neighborhood grandma–her grandson was shot & killed in the neighborhood, and she now makes iceees to bless the local kids and she is, in return, blessed having the kids around.  We all came thinking we would teach the kids, but realized they taught us so much more. The VBS crew was gifted with times of laughter and fun and were reminded to never give up, no matter the struggle.

The construction crew worked hard today on the new kitchen. After countless sweat-soaked t-shirts, they all worked through the heat and humidity and their work was not put to shame. They finished the framing of the subfloor for the kitchen and the joist beams to hold them up. Not only were the men working hard on the kitchen, but also in the Internet cafe that was built last November. The Formica countertops were completed and they look GREAT! The residents of Mendenhall can not wait to use it again. Sadly, over the last week or two there has been a serious water leak in the chapel that left the ceiling and floor in horrible condition. It has gotten to the point where they both need to be replaced. The construction team took the initiative to try and help the process of fixing the leak along by taking out the ceiling. With intentions to fix the leak and patch the ceiling, one team member is staying a couple more days to do just so. Hopefully it will be spiffed up as soon as possible so the chapel can be used again shortly!

This was an amazing and life changing trip for many, if not all of us. We came together barely knowing each other but we really united and worked together as a team. We couldn’t have done it without your support and prayers and of course, God himself. We’ll be heading home tomorrow and I’m sure you’ll hear many stories and more detailed descriptions of everything that went on! Thanks again for your love and prayers.


The Mendenhall Crew

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