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Mendenhall Mississippi Team Update 2

June 27, 2011 2 Comments Share

Sending a hot, sticky hello to all you at home!

Brandon Muchow arrived safely late last night so our team is complete. And he says hi.

Sunday afternoon we went on a historic trip to visit the site where John Perkins’ racial reconciliation ministry began–as a team we read “Let Justice Roll Down” describing the beginning of Mendenhall Ministries. We went to New Hebron, 20 miles south of Mendenhall, where John’s brother Clyde was unjustly shot because of his race. We prayed and praised God for the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters who sought justice and love. A passing family joined us and shared their story with us. This was a deep first day.

And southern cooking filled our bellies! The fabulous Rubie, cooked us >a traditional Sunday meal: fried pork-chops, greens, and cornbread– with peach cobbler for dessert! Delicious! We worshipped together, shared testimonies, and prayed. And got some sleep.

Monday morning began at 7:30 with orientation and then got to work. There were 16 children in the Vacation Bible School. We learned about Noah & faith, reading & writing skills, music, and made animal crafts. The construction team bought supplies, got to work, and sweat and sweat and sweat in the burning hot sun & humid air, making huge progress on the foundation for the kitchen floor attached to the men’s dorm.

Tuesday night we will help Mendenhall Ministries put on a hot dog community outreach night. We are praying this night helps build stronger relational ties with the community.

We are grateful for your prayers– we need them!


Malia Griffice

2 responses to “Mendenhall Mississippi Team Update 2”

  1. Pat Kishi says:

    God bless our team in Mississippi – you go Christina!

  2. Gwen Reinauer says:

    Hello Mendenhall Team,

    Thank you so much in sharing your activities and pictures. I know it takes some time to do this but it is so appreciated! I know God is blessing both your team and those you touch in the name of the Lord. Let us know how we can pray for you!


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