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Malawi Team Arrived Home

August 11, 2008 1 Comment Share

Hey all,

Well we finally arrived home yesterday in LAX around 3 p.m. safe and sound. Other than a small issue with a ticket (that was fixed very quickly) our trip home went very smoothly. After 36 hours of traveling, our arrival was not a moment too soon. As everyone left for home there were some mixed emotions. I will definitely miss the team, but was also incredibly anxious to get home.

Our team wants to thank everyone who supported and prayed for us on this trip. We definitely viewed you all as a vital piece of what turned out to be a challenging but still very successful trip to Malawi. Throughout the next few days, I will still post some pictures and video (yes, they are actually loading successfully) that our team still wants to share with you. I have posted two videos this morning (below), one that Andrew took while walking through a village and another of Karen teaching a worship song to the high school kids at the weeklong camp that we put on (check them out while you’re here).

Again, I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support, our trip could not have been done without you.

Dustin and the Malawi Team

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  1. Scott Dickson says:

    Thanks for making us part of your journey…It means so much to us to actually be there without making the trip…Thanks again for all the updates and God Bless…

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