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Letter From Japan’s Teen Challenge Executive Director

March 25, 2011 1 Comment Share

The Spirit of the Lord guided us all the way to Sendai City, Japan and back, last weekend. We arrived Sendai City earlier than expected on Saturday, put some petrol in the van on the way, and were able to meet with everyone we wanted to and distributed food, clothing, petrol & kerosene. We made our base at Izumi Gospel Church which is pastored by Pastor Hiroshi Itoh.

We went to see Gamoh which was the worst-hit area in Sendai City and made some inquiries to see if we could be of any help. However, we found out that there is a massive gap between those who experienced only the earthquake and those who were hit by the tsunami. Those who just expreienced the earthquake were not so damaged and life will be back to normal once gas, water & electricity are back. On the other hand, those who experienced the tsunami lost more or less everything and are living in the evacuation centers, and again there is not much we can do as their need is too great.

Then the Lord granted us extra petrol on Monday morning so we could go further north, and we visited Higashi-Matsushima City, where one of our member’s aunt lives. The death toll was 655 and 400 more are missing – presumably dead – and 13,500 people are living in the evacuation centers in that city, but we managed to find his aunt and family alive, living in the upstairs because the downstairs is covered in mud.

One half of the city got electricity and water. Yet the other half has no gas, water or electricity since the tsunami. We gave some petrol, kerosene, rice and water, but we had to leave with a sense of not doing enough.

The Lord prepared the final surprise. When we were half-way home, a Christian organization called Bridges for Peace Japan (BFPJ) contacted, asking us for guidance to help the most needy. We found out they were driving back from Sendai, too, so we had a meeting at a service area and directed them to go to Higashi-Matsushima! Hallelujah!!

So Pastor Itoh and a couple of guys as well as 9 BFPJ volunteers went in to Higashi-Matsushima this afternoon and distributed food and water in that area called Akai where 160 people live. Ptr. Itoh met with the city officer and he was extremely grateful for the help, and asked us to help especially in 2 areas; Akai and Ohtsuka.

We are leaving for Sendai again this evening in order to bring food and basic necessities to Akai and Ohtsuka, and will come back on Sunday night. We appreciate your prayers for our second mission.

Love and prayers,

Tom & Olive Kisaki
Executive Director
Teen Challenge Japan

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  1. David Young says:

    Praise the Lord Jesus. I work for Russell Plastics in Lindenhurst, NY (USA). We are owned by Vaupell in Seattle WA (USA) and were just acquired by Sumitomo Bakelite (Japan) in June. We have had the opportunity to meet many new business people from Japan. I am in fellowship here with Assembly of God, Freedom Chapel Pastor Jimmy Jack and Teen Challenge Executive Director Pastor Jose Ramos and others. I am so deeply aware of the alcohol problem here in the USA and my family and friends. Now I am being led to pray for the Japanese people who are also effected and in need of help. I hope to stay in contact with you, hear from you and perhaps meet you one day here or in Japan, should I have the opportunity to visit. GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN ME THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD.

    Love & prayers,


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