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Kenya Team Update

January 30, 2014 0 Share

The Kenya team has arrived safely, praise God, and are off to a busy start!  On Sunday they traveled to Agongo, and dedicated the church building in the village.  Monday, the team lead a leadership seminar where they broke off into two groups, one for men and one for women.  They were able to get into some deep discussions, allowing a spirit of openness and vulnerability.  With some heavy rain overnight the team was not able to head back to Agongo on Tuesday, but spent time at the Seed Academy of Migori where they were able to encourage their precious, faithful staff.  They had a busy day of home visits scheduled throughout the community for Wednesday.  We pray for stamina and discernment as well as rest as they prepare for their next day. Below are some photos from the past week. Check back for more details, updates, and pictures of their trip!


The Agongo Church Building Dedication.



Solar powered mp3 players were donated and uploaded with sermons and the Bible in Swahili, Lua and English.





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