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Kelly and Dustin with Olipa

August 19, 2008 1 Comment Share

Olipa is the World Vision spokeswoman who visited St. Andrew’s last summer with the HIV/AIDS tent that was set up in our parking lot, and she was able to speak to the congregation about the HIV/AIDS situation in Malawi. Kelly and I were very excited to visit with her in Malawi. Olipa is doing very well. We thought that since many of the St. Andrew’s family might have met her, or would recognize her, that it would be fun to share the picture.

Kelly and Dustin with Olipa
Kelly and Dustin with Olipa

One response to “Kelly and Dustin with Olipa”

  1. Jim Hamilton says:

    Thanks for sharing that great picture. Olipah looks wonderful. Is she still raising her pigs?

    Jim Hamilton

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