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Family Camp 2013!

January 28, 2013 0 Share

Over the past seven years of ministry, one of the things that the Family Ministries team has learned is this:  TRIPS ARE IRREPLACEABLE when it comes to creating Christian Community.  There’s just something about getting away from the daily routine for a couple of days with people from the church that heightens our ability to connect with God and with each other.

In the last seven years the trips that we have taken have plugged in hundreds of kids to Christian Community here at St. Andrew’s.

Because we place such a high value on trips in Children’s and Student Ministry we want to extend the trip experience to the whole family.  In order to do so we are starting with resurrecting a St. Andrew’s tradition of attending Forest Home’s Family Camp.  Here’s a description of Family Camp from Forest Home’s Website:  “Family Camp at Forest Home is a 5-day week away, where families reconnect with each other and God. Each meal is prepared for you and your family. Child care is provided in the evenings so parents get a date night or time with friends–5 nights in a row! As children take part in age-graded programs, parents are equipped with tools to grow their kids into great adults. Parents and children experience worship, activities and quality time as a family. It’s a week of fun with a purpose.”

You can also check out this short video about Forest Home’s Family Camp:  http://vimeo.com/33735449 .

St. Andrew’s will be heading up to Family Camp during Week 9 which is August 11-16. This is a shorter trip than the other weeks, and so the cost is lower. Below is a breakdown of the pricing for Week 9:

Age Economy Standard Deluxe Grace House Woodlands
Adult $399 $529 $650 $699 $799
9-17 Years $250 $335 $360 $385 —–
3-8 Years $165 $265 $285 $320 —–




Please note: If you have a student in 5th-12th grade, they are able to attend Family Camp with you, or as another option, during the week of August 11-16, not only are we taking over Family Camp, but kids from Port, Asylum, and Refuge will be attending 5th-6th grade, Jr. High, and High School camps. So really your 5th-12th grader has two options:
1. They can attend Family Camp with siblings and parents where they can enjoy quality family time as well as time with peers, or
2. They can sign up for their age-specific camps at Adventure Mountain, Creekside, and Lakeview and stay with their friends and leaders at these camps. For more information on this option, contact Kristin at 949.574.2264.

Unlike youth camps, you will need to sign up directly with Forest Home for Family Camp and spaces are going quickly so be sure to click here to sign up now for August 11-16. If you would like more information or have questions regarding camp, please feel free to contact Kristin at kristinl@sapres.org or 949.574.2264.

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