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February 16

The team woke early for a 6:45 a.m. breakfast and devotion on Monday. We headed back to Pastor Pineda’s church to collect tools, divide into teams, pray over the day and then depart for various work sites. The day was spent meeting homeowners, mixing cement, laying bricks, and playing with neighborhood kids.

The hallmark of ENLACE’s approach to development efforts is equipping the church and community to identify areas of need and then assisting them to develop plans to provide in-kind and financial support to see the project completed. In our case, the community identified 35 families that were in desperate need of a latrine. With daily wages running between $4 and $15 per day, the $600 cost per latrine kept them out of reach of many people. This caused contaminated soil, parasites, and rampant diarrhea, particularly among the children of the community. As a result, numerous families expressed tear-filled thanks as the latrines took shape, confident that they would soon enjoy greater health and dignity.

One highlight of the afternoon took place as a team member heard the story of a single mom with three kids. The team member shared her personal story in return and ministered to the mom’s heart. As they hugged, shared some tears and prayed a word of encouragement the presence of the Holy Spirit was almost tangible. After finishing a good day of practical and spiritual ministry, the team returned to the hotel for a much-needed dip in the pool or shower and a good dinner. We were then off to an early bedtime to prepare for another early start on Tuesday.




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