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March 12, 2015 0 Share

February 19

As our final day in the community began, we once again split up into three teams with the hope of making some final headway on the construction of the latrines. By noon, we dropped shovels, trowels and bricks for the last time on this trip and returned to the church for a homemade papusa lunch. After eating, the team and the church community set up chairs and speakers on a shaded lane in the heart of Cocalito to worship God, thank Him for the rich blessing of the week and to acknowledge all the people of the community that helped to bring the latrine project to fruition.

The team was presented with a token of affection from community leaders and we, in turn, presented the kids of the community with two large piñatas filled with candy and toys. These were quickly split open amid screams, smiles and shouts of joy.

As we departed, several thoughts stood out. First, we were thrilled to see the hearts of Pastor Pineda and his family for their church and community. Second, we were blessed by ENLACE and confident in their dedication to mentoring and guiding the church and community leaders to a brighter future. Finally, we humbled by the outpouring of love and affection from new friends and grateful for the chance to experience God’s love in a rural community in a small Central American nation, far from home.




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