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March 10, 2015 0 Share

February 17

A good day! We started our day with a time of devotion after breakfast, reflecting on the importance of hearing a prophetic voice in the church. Among other things, this voice calls the community beyond itself to obediently serve God in the world. Shortly later, we arrived at Pastor Pineda’s church and walked to the local elementary school, where we shared the Bible story of David being anointed by Samuel. With our devotion in mind, we wondered if we were ministering to a future leader of the community. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the story and associated crafts. They colored a picture of the memorable scene and made a crown out of a paper plate and stickers (always a hit). Students also made a salvation bracelet reflecting God’s promises and then decorated crosses to take home.

Lunch consisted of PB&J, ham and cheese sandwiches, warm tortillas and Gatorade. Fortified, we left for various latrine building sites for an afternoon of laying foundations, building walls, and mixing cement. On one site, everyone in the family pitched in to help with the construction effort, including the 5-year old boy and the 80 year-old grandmother.

Late afternoon we headed back to the hotel, jumped in the pool, had dinner and an ice-cream dessert celebration for Mark and Renee, who both celebrated birthdays during the trip!




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