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Christmas Time in Tecate, Mexico

December 19, 2012 0 Share

“Last Saturday and Sunday a group from St. Andrew’s of 40+ drove down to Tecate, Mexico to live out our REAL values and bring Christmas to the children of Rancho San Bosco orphanage.

One of the many highlights was bringing presents to those families we built homes from previous house build trips.  You should have seen the faces of the kids as we handed out gifts with their names.  For me and my family it was an opportunity to step out of this OC consumer culture and share as a family what is means to give to those in need.  Watching my son translate verbally and in writing to Tecate families was a proud moment for this Dad.  We were blessed to be a blessing for many far less fortunate and only a few hours from Newport Beach.”

– Shawn Reilly

“A special thanks to those who poured so much time, resources, and effort into bringing Christ’s love to those in Tecate. The trip would not have been as successful as it was unless we had so many helping hands and willing people. It was a blessing to serve with each and every one of you who was on the trip!! I continue to be moved by the faith and trust in God displayed by our friends there, and am challenged to take steps towards gratefulness this Christmas season!”

-Tim Burnette

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