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Campus Renovation Update | Week 34

November 15, 2016 0 Share

IMPORTANT:  There will be no public or ministry access to the Plaza, Sanctuary, or basement area this week during construction. The Preschool will be closed on Friday.

Construction hours will be extended for the remainder of the project as follows:
Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.FullSizeRender

We have some great updates this week in construction! The new Reception area will reopen and be ready for visitors this week. Make sure to stop by and say hello. The Preschool playground will be prepped for the new play surface. Additional footing will be poured near Dierenfield Hall for the Well area, along with prep for amphitheater footing and framing for the Bridge and Boardwalk pathways. Our Family Center and basement classrooms will have floor polishing and painting done, with final touches in the restrooms by the end of the week. The Corner Cafe patio area will have skinning and stucco of screen walls done, while interior framing, electrical, and drywall work continues on the inside. Coffee coming soon! Prep for the coverglass doorway near our Sanctuary entrance will continue while Plaza and 15th Street walkways undergo the remainder of storm drain installation.

Please check with Reception for current access and paths of travel while you are on campus. The next few weeks are going to be exciting and see a lot of progress toward completion of the remodel. St. Andrew’s staff are working with the contractor to address access and safety issues as much as possible. Your collaboration will go a long way to keep our church family safe and our ministry happening while we finish out Creating A Space to Belong. As always, we greatly appreciate your patience and workability during this exciting time of transition.

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