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Book Bees

September 18, 2009 0 Share

 Book Bees

As a part of St. Andrews’ Serve Day, a committee calling themselves the “Book Bees” has been formed. Their purpose is to collect new and slightly used children’s books, (from baby to high school), and to donate them to various Orange County organizations for children to own.

  • 61% of the children in this country do not have a single book in their home.
  • The average lower income child is read to less than 25 hours prior to kindergarten, while the average middle income child is read to between 1000 and 1700 hours.
  • Reading ability is the greatest predictor of future life success.

As a result, we are collecting books for children to own. We have stickers designed for the fly leafs that encourage children to place their names in their books. Between now and Serve Day, we are collecting books adjacent to the north entry of the parking lot and on the patio at all three services. On Serve Day we will organize the books, place the stickers in the fly leafs and box the books for distribution to the receiving organizations. A partial list of organizations through whom we will distribute books is:

  • Heritage House
  • Think Together
  • Shalimar
  • Orangewood Children’s Home
  • Headstart
  • What can you do to help?
  • Bring us your new and slightly used children’s books.
  • Give us a check payable to St. Andrews and place “Book Bees” on the reference line.
  • Help work our booth at one of the services between now and Serve Day.
  • Join us on Serve Day to work packaging the books.

Click Here for the poster!


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