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All Church Half-Day Retreat

January 5, 2015 2 Comments Share

newportpier-12bSaturday | January 10, 2015 | 8:30a.m. -12:30p.m. | Chapel
Join us for a half-day retreat at St. Andrew’s where we will be disconnecting from our busyness, concerns, and devices and connecting to the things that give life through a time of solitude, experiential worship and reflection. Contact charlotteg@sapres.org for more information or to sign up click here.

2 responses to “All Church Half-Day Retreat”

  1. Rose Ohr says:

    How do I register for this event?

  2. Rose Ohr says:

    I have learned in my Christian walk that it is good from time to time to “retreat” from the pressure of our daily lives and renew through a time away with God. This retreat was really nice. It really renewed my spirit which I needed so much after a hectic few months. I believe they plan to do this again in the future, and I highly recommend others to take advantage of the opportunity when it does.

    I would like to ask if in the future retreats they allow for us to meet together with small groups. I have met some very nice people through time spent with people I don’t ordinarily run into at church and have made some lasting bonds through this process.

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